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Hebrew Number Quiz [200--]

1. Hebrew Word For Six Hundred::
Shlosh Meot, Shmon Meot, Chamesh Meot create online quizzes , Matayim,
2. Hebrew Word For Twenty Hundred:/ Two Thousand:
Alpaim, Tisha Meot, Arbah Meot, Shiva Meot,
3. Hebrew Word For Two Hundred::
Shmonim, Chamishim distant learning , Esrim, Shishim,
4. Hebrew Word For Four Hundred::
Shish Meot, Shmon Meot, Elef results , Matayim,
5. Hebrew Word For Nine Hundred::
Tisha Meot, Arba%27im, Shlosh Meot, Shiva Meot,
6. Hebrew Word For Seven Hundred::
Chamesh Meot, Tisha Meot crossword maker , Shmon Meot, Alpaim,
7. Hebrew Word For Ten Hundred/ One thousand::
Tisha Meot, Chamesh Meot, Matayim, Elef,
8. Hebrew Word For Three Hundred::
Shlosh Meot, Arbah Meot learning , Shish Meot, Elef,
9. Hebrew Word For Five Hundred::
Shish Meot, Alpaim, Matayim, Chamesh Meot,