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Hebrew Number Quiz [20--]

1. Hebrew Word For Seventy::
Shloshim, Shmonah , Chamishim, Arba%27im,
2. Hebrew Word For Twenty::
Shishim, Tish%27im, Arba%27im, Me%27a,
3. Hebrew Word For Sixty::
Shmonim, Chamishim, Esrim, Shishim,
4. Hebrew Word For One Hundred::
Shishim, Shmonim online activities , Me%27a, Esrim,
5. Hebrew Word For Fifty::
Shloshim, Arba%27im, Esrim , Shivi%27im,
6. Hebrew Word For Eighty::
Me%27a, Shenayim, Shmonim, Shivi%27im,
7. Hebrew Word For Thirty::
Tish%27im, Chamishim activity , Tish%27im, Esrim ,
8. Hebrew Word For Fourty::
Shloshim, Shishim, Arba%27im, Me%27a,