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Inside The Computer (P)

This is a PRACTICE type activity. You may repeat to get a higher score.

monitor, sound card, mouse, peripheral hardware, hard drive, expansion slots, flash drive, power supply, tower, printer, motherboard, video card prepare quiz , RAM, optical drive, keyboard, USB,

this connects all the parts of the computer, moves the cursor, most printers, keyboards, mouse use this type of plug matching excercise , short-term memory, inputs data in text form short answer questions , gives access to computer with a CD or DVD, this connects speakers, microphones and controls sounds, any outside device that hooks up to the computer, this provides electricity to the computer, this puts text and pictures on paper, large disc for long-term storage, the screen learning , this connects the monitor to the computer, lets you upgrade by adding wireless and other cards teacher , contains all the working parts, an outside device for storage,