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Vocabulary # 16

Complete activity until you get 100%25 at least once.

possession e-learning , detach, gaze, plentiful, rebuff, scrutinize, quandary, evidently, presume e-learning , bleak, scarcely quiz , epidemic online quizzes , keen, venture, destiny, elucidate e-learning ,

things that you have or own, very aware and able to see even the most minor detail, you think something is true but you are not sure, having proof that something is true class page , to remove or separate, going somewhere even if it is dangerous, bad and unlikely to get better, to stare at someone or something, something that is just barely the case, something that affects a large number of people and spreads tool for teachers , there is so much of it that there%27s enough for everyone, something that will happen that connot be changed, rudely refuse or make go away, to look at something very closely and carefully, to make it clear and easy to understand, to have to make a decision but can%27t but can%27t decide what to do ,