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1. # being annoyed, he seemed quite pleased
concerning, including, due to, instead of,
2. As we get older, our bodies get less # at burning up calories.
carrying out, trying out, checking out, proving out,
3. They were # by the police for over 12 hours.
Including, Despite, Instead of, Concerning,
4. Please send us information # the existing buildings
affected, improved, replaced, approved,
5. Tolstoy%27s experiences of war had a # effect on his work.
approve, supply, concern, pronounce,
6. Forensic experts are now # DNA tests
including, instead of, concerned dynamic quiz , despite,
7. We heard the sound of an # car.
introduce, reduce online learning games , include, provide,
8. How do you # your name?
reveal, hesitate, compete, challenge,
9. The Senate # a plan for federal funding of local housing programmes.
queue, linguists educational activities , omnipresent, minefield,
10. We went for a picnic # bad weather
compete, persevere, average, concerned,
11. When asked for directions in Japan, the young Japanese will not # and reply in a very civilized manner, using good English.
mood, approach, average, compete,
12. The brutal # of political prisoners.
efficient, grateful, minefield, approaching,
13. The rise in crime is mainly due to social and economic #
complete, minefield, efficient, moody,
14. It is reported that Taiwan will # English as the second official language by 2007
treatment, supply grading , temperature, hiccups,
15. For the Japanese the English language is pretty much like a #.
approach, mood, minefield, treatment,
16. How does living in a city # your lifestyle?
moody, proud, efficient, grateful,
17. A two-language kindergarten costs about 200 dollars, which is half the # salary.
questioned, persevered online activities , treated interactive learning , preserved,
18. Aspirin should help reduce the #
at, in crossword maker , on teacher , within,
19. Any prisoner who # to escape will be shot.
effect, reflect, affect, defect,
20. She is in a good # today.
attempt, comtempt, distempt, ettempt,
21. Sorry to # you, but I have an urgent message.
dissolved, included, approved, consisted,
22. Two of the tyres had to be #
include, supply, provide, disturb,
23. Thomas Wolfe was born # 1900.
pronounced, profound create online tests , previous, preliminary,
24. We would be very # for any information you can give us.
supplied, changed, considered, demended,