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1. inquire about
ask after sb short answer questions , catch on, come up against, add up
2. yield in an argument
back down, carry out, come up to , bargain for
3. take into account
bargain for , come up, come up to , draw up
4. confirm
bear out, bring off, drop in , come up with
5. stop talking
break off , count on , carry off, come up to
6. lose control of the emotions
break down, bargain for , draw up, bear out
7. come to an end
break up, crop up, come about, bring about
8. cause to happen
bring about , come in for, come off, back down
9. succeed in doing sth
bring off, catch on, come down to , bring about
10. cause the onset of an illness
bring on , come up with, fall about, drop in
11. influence someone to your point of view
bring round, count on matching excercise , call up, come down to
12. mention
bring up, draw up, fall about, break off
13. mobilise for military service
call up, do up, carry out, come up to
14. complete successfully- perhaps despite a problem
carry off, bear out, come down to , do up
15. complete a plan
carry out, come down to , break off , drop off
16. become popular
catch on, bring round, bring on , come up against
17. happen
come about, do up, come in for, break off
18. be in the end a matter of
come down to , bring up, come up, draw up
19. receive- expecially criticism, blame
come in for, draw up, bring round, do up
20. take place successfully
come off, come up with, add up, break off
21. appear
come out, break down ESL , draw up, bear out
22. occur (usually a problem) colloquial
come up print quizzes , bring up, come up against, face up to
23. meet a difficulty
come up against, crop up educational games , carry out, come out
24. equal (especially expectations, standard)
come up to , drop in , face up to, call up
25. think of (especially an answer, a plan, a solution)
come up with, call up, bargain for , bring off
26. rely on
count on , come up with educational games , carry off, drop off
27. happen unexpectedly (colloquial)
crop up, come about tool for teachers , end up, ask after sb
28. abolish (colloquial)
do away with, draw up, come down to , come up to
29. decorate (colloquial)
do up, come up to , bring up, fall about
30. 1)come to a stop 2) organise (especially a document)
draw up, catch on quiz , add up, come out
31. create online activities pay a visit (colloquial)
drop in , break up, draw up, count on
32. mix questions fall asleep
drop off activity , come in for, come about, come up against
33. quiz generator finish in a certain way, or place)
end up, bring on , bring about , break off
34. quiz generator have courage to deal with (especially responsibilities)
face up to, drop in , come out, come down to
35. show amusement- especially laughing)
fall about, face up to, drop in , break up