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Semester 1 - Review 2 - WP

1. I have deleted a paragraph with the intention of pasting it on a different page. Where is it until I paste?
Where on the ruler the text will begin, example: it will start at the 1%22 mark, where the text is going to be straight - right, left, center, or both sides language , what type of tab will be set, none of these,
2. I accidentally deleted a paragraph. I should
backspace, enter grading , delete activity , spacebar,
3. The items on the ruler include
spacebar, backspace computer assisted language learning , delete, enter,
4. Viewing the ruler above, what is true of the text?
spacebar, backspace, delete, enter,
5. Which key will move a paragarph up?
subscript, superscript, tab, font change,
6. Never
hard disk, clipboard online learning games , memory, CPU,
7. A letter, number, symbol, or space
misspelled, not recognized, bad grammar, a spacing problem,
8. A business letter that is straight down the left side - no indents
CTRL-Z, CTRL - F, look on the clipboard, CTRL-A,
9. I want to double space a document. I can use the tool bar, or quickly use
CTRL-A, CTRL-C, CTRL-F, scroll,
10. I have found a long list of people who served in the militia in 1776. I want to find my ancestor quickly. I should
WP MENU.jpg, , ,
11. Alignments indicate?
Use D in the picture above, CTRL- 5 or use A in the picture above, CTRL - 2 or use C in the picture above, 2 of these will work,
12. How would I type the formula for water - H2O- where the 2 must be smaller and lower than the two letters?
button, html, hyperlink, chain,
13. An active link in a webpage is called a
character, font, icon, keyboard,
use the spacebar, insert a chart or graph, set tabs, none of these,
15. Red underline means
edit line, default, alignment, .doc,
16. 345
alignment, left aligned, justified web 2.0 , margins,
17. Which key is used to delete the character to the right of the cursor?
use spacepar, use the period key, use a tab with a leader, use the dash key,
18. A font that is %22without feet%22
on the hard disk, on the clipboard, in the software I am using, in RAM,
19. Which key will move words to the left?
copy and paste, cut and paste, drag and drop help students assimilate material , delete, click in the new location, then undo,
20. The settings a computer will use unless otherwise instructed?
left and right margins, left and right indents, first line indent and tabs, all of these,
21. A font that looks more like cursive handwriting
email, template, memo, trailer,
standard letter format, block letter format, serif font, a resume,
serif, script activity , sans serif, ornamental,
24. Which key moves a paragraph down?
indents, margins, alignments, justification,
25. A brief message within an organization
serif, ornamental, sans serif, script,
26. The blue bars on the Microsoft Word ruler indicate
use tab to center, press enter at the end of each line of text in a paragraph online activities , use the an item in the ruler to indent, justify the text on a document,
27. I want to organize my data in neat columns but without a table.
insert clipart, insert symbol, cut and paste from the Internet, use your draw tools,
WP MENU.jpg, , ,
29. To combine a word processing document with a database with the intent of creating a letter directed to many clients without retyping it several times
wingdings, bullets; use B in the picture above, arrows, bullets; use C in the picture above,
30. Viewing the picture above, What will D do?
ruler1.jpg, , ,
31. I have copied a picture. Until I paste it, it is
1st line will be at 1inch and the rest of the paragraph will be at 1/2 inch, all text will be aligned at 1/2 inch`, all text will be justified, this is a hanging indent: 1st line will be at 1/2 inch and the rest of the paragraph will be at 1 inch,
32. To move a large block of text,
WP MENU.jpg, , ,
33. I need to show the pi symbol in a math equation
create new paragraphs, show non-printing characters, create bullets and numbering, change the indention of each new paragraph,
34. Text that is straight on both sides
use spacebar to center, set indents using the items in the ruler, view non-printing characters to check your work, use tabs to create columns of information,
35. Small graphics that are used to set off a list
open new document, save as create online activities , mail merge, use tables,