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Vocabulary # 15 (copy)

Complete activity until you get 100%25 at least once.

1. grading to remove or separate
detach, bleak, destiny, rebuff
2. learning having proof that something is true
evidently, rebuff, torment, excurciating
3. to stare at someone or something
gaze, torment, rebuff, presume
4. something that will happen that connot be changed
destiny, torment, presume, excurciating
5. bad and unlikely to get better
bleak, detach, presume, destiny
6. you think something is true but you are not sure
presume, shard, rebuff, excurciating
7. rudely refuse or make go away
rebuff, torment, overreact, evidently
8. learning small or delicate
dainty, gaze, evidently, disheveled
9. speak well and use words nicely to get people to like you
eloquent, dainty, destiny, epidemic
10. a piece of broken glass
shard, overreact, torment, disheveled
11. something that causes physical pain or mental suffering
torment, detach, dainty, rebuff
12. having messy hair and clothes
disheveled, dainty, overreact, detach
13. something that is very, very painful
excurciating, gaze, shard, rebuff
14. can%27t make up your mind about what you want
fickle, epidemic, torment, bleak
15. e-learning to respond to something more strongly than you should
overreact, destiny, bleak, detach