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Man - clothes 1 GE

Start the activity by dragging a dominoe into the box placed over dominoes set. Match Polish translation and English words placed on dominoes. You can shift the matched dominoes by clicking on the triangle button. Time limit is 7 minutes. Good luck!

pyjamas , fashionable ESL , coat, anorak, old-fashioned, jeans, nightdress, tight short answer questions , elegant/formal clothes, size, comfortable, blouse results history , loose, dress, causual clothes, jacket,

modne, obcisły, nieoficjalne ubranie, płaszcz, pidżama interactive learning , koszula nocna, niemodne, staroświeckie, rozmiar, kurtka, marynarka, bluzka, sukienka, luźne, dżinsy, eleganckie ubranie, wygodne, kurtka z kapturem,