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bring about , come down to , back down, count on , come up against, call up, come about, come off, come up with, drop in , bear out, come in for, draw up short answer questions , catch on, break up, crop up activity , bring off, break off , drop off, add up, end up, fall about, break down, come up to , ask after sb, bring up, come out, bargain for , face up to, bring round, carry out, come up online activities , do up, do away with, carry off, bring on ,

appear educational activities , confirm, abolish (colloquial), take place successfully, take into account learning , have courage to deal with (especially responsibilities), stop talking, finish in a certain way, or place) educational games , equal (especially expectations, standard), receive- expecially criticism, blame, rely on, occur (usually a problem) colloquial, yield in an argument, happen unexpectedly (colloquial), fall asleep, mobilise for military service, make sense, cause the onset of an illness, complete a plan, complete successfully- perhaps despite a problem, be in the end a matter of, think of (especially an answer, a plan, a solution), pay a visit (colloquial), come to an end, inquire about, meet a difficulty, lose control of the emotions, 1)come to a stop 2) organise (especially a document), mention, decorate (colloquial), succeed in doing sth, influence someone to your point of view, become popular, happen, cause to happen, show amusement- especially laughing),