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1st semester - Review Quiz 4 - Database, Ppt... (copy)

1. print quizzes To sort A to Z; 0 to 9
descend, ascend, field, %3e
2. To find the business with the highest profit in a database, I would
sort ascend, sort descend, query, find
3. If I need a list of all the chemical elements that have more than 2.2 atomic weight, I would
sort ascend, find, query more than 2.2, query less than 2.2
4. All the information about one - book, person, student, patient....
a record, a file, a field, an entry
5. Which program did we use for a database?
Excel, Access, Audacity, Word
6. Which is not a sound?
wav educational games , mp3, snd, gif
7. Which is a video file?
.mov, .mp3, .wav, .png
8. Which of these is not an important rule of presentation?
Use a lot of color and animation, know your %22audience%22, do not distract from the information, consistency
9. Which did we use to control the movement of a word or object across the slide in PowerPoint?
custom animation, transistion, path animation, effects
10. quiz builder What is the best type of font choice for a presentation or publication?
sans serif , script, ornamental, sans serif or serif
11. PowerPoint has a collection of new ways to insert a %22graphic organizer%22 type of construct. These are called
smart art, word art, insert-shapes, insert tables and charts
12. What do we use to construct a %22non-linear%22 slideshow - ie, one that does not go in a straight line but can skip from slide 5 to slide 25 and back?
hyperlinks and action buttons, slide sorter, reorganization of slides, two of these would work