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Imperialism 2 - - - pages 547 to 551

Read pages 547 to 551 and then complete this review activity. Please complete this activity until earning at least 90%25.

1. Mahan%27s hopes for the United States included support for the construction of the Panama Canal and the conquest of H__#__.
awaii, Hawaii, hawaii, HAWAII, , ,
2. Sensationalistic writing of the period known as __#___ was used to sell a high volume of newspapers.
third, Third, THIRD, , ,
3. In an effort to exert more influence in world affairs, the United States supported __#__ in a border dispute involving British Guiana.
Venezuela, venezuela, VENEZUELA, , ,
4. Americans earning profits from the sugar crop in Hawaii wanted the islands anexed by the United States so that they could avoid having to pay the Western nation%27s __#___
tariffs, Tariffs, TARIFFS, , ,
5. Alfred ___#___%27s thesis within The Influence of Sea Power Upon History emphasized that nations had to have powerful navies in order to exert influence internationally.
Samoa, samoa, SAMOA, , ,
6. Due to investment in their military, the United States moved its navy into ___#___ place among the world%27s sea powers by 1900.
yellow journalism, YELLOW JOURNALISM, Yellow journalism, Yellow Journalism, yellowjournalism, YELLOWJOURNALSIM, , online education ,
7. In the 1890%27s, the civil war in __#__ served as the perfect topic for sensationalist writers to engage the interest of their readers.
cuba, Cuba, CUBA, interactive learning , ,