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Imperialism 4 - - - pages 556 - 562

Read pages 556-562 before completing this activity. Please complete this activity until scoring at least 90%25.

1. In the 1900 presidential election, William ___#____ tried to use the annexation debate as a major point of discussion for his campaign.
Carnegie, carnegie, CARNEGIE, , ,
2. In an effort to open the Chinese market to American goods, ____#_____ promoted the Open door notes or Open Door Policy.
bryan, Bryan, BRYAN, , ,
3. A vicious war betweeen American troops and Filipinos resulted in the United States conquest of their homeland until it gained independence in __#__.
Platt, platt, PLATT, e-learning , ,
4. Elihu Root supervised reforms of the military including the creation of the ____#____ to advise the Secretary of War.
1946, , ESL ,
5. Passage of the ______#____amendment by Congress set up United States control over Cuba%27s foreign policy.
johnhay, John Hay, john hay, JOHNHAY, JOHN HAY, e-learning , ,
6. While the United States acquired the Philippines as a result of the war, some prominent Americans opposed the annexation such as Andrew ____#____.
joint chiefs of staff, Joint chiefs of staff, jointchiefsofstaff,JOINTCHIEFSOFSTAFF, chiefs of staff, CHIEFS OF STAFF, chiefsofstaff, , ,