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SS Chapter 4

Shadouf, hieroglyphics, Upper Egypt ESL , unification, Thebes, pharaoh, Lower Egypt, papyrus, Menes, Nile River, Memphis, Khufu, scribe, economy web 2.0 , delta, irrigation tool for teachers ,

ancient Egyptian writing that used symbols to stand for objects build your own quiz , Northern part of ancient Egypt, city in Egypt%27s old kingdom, located on the Nile near Cairo , king of Upper Egypt who united Upper and Lower Egypt, title used by rulers of ancient Egypt, world%27s longest river, Southern part of ancient Egypt, paper made from the reed plant growing along the Nile, writer, kept records, copied letters %26 official documents, Egyptian pharaoh who built the great pyramid, helps distribute the water to fields, watering land using canals or pipes, flat, fan shaped land made of silt deposited at the mouth of a river, joining of separate parts into one, such as kingdoms , capitol of Egypt%27s old kingdom, located on the Nile near Cairo, managing $ and resources for the prodection of goods %26 service,