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I%27m so jealous of my stuff that I don%27t ___ anything., My sister is broke. I need to ___ her some cash. , I%27d never ___ her my car! She%27s a terrible driver., He is so selfish he doesn%27t ___ anything., What would you never ___ to anyone?, Can you believe she didn%27t ___ me some sugar?, He only ___s his cell if you call collect., If he ___s you his paper, your mom can%27t see it., I ___ the book 3 weeks ago, but I haven%27t read it yet., I saw it when he ___ it from you. He must have it., I ___ her notes because I didn%27t go to class yesterday., Dad ___ the grill because he wanted to have a BBQ., I lost the earrings I ___ from Kelly. She%27ll kill me!, I can%27t find the necklace I ___ from her last weekend., She ___ my stilettos knowing they%27d hurt her feet., Mom ___ some eggs to make me a cake., She ___ me her notebook because I missed last class., Oh, the book I ___ him? He never gave it back., I ___ her my boots and now they are too big for me., He lost the pen I ___ him. I want a new one!, online learning games She took lots of pictures with the camera I ___ her., matching excercise I know it%27s not yours! Who ___ you this umbrella? , I can%27t believe she ___ you her favorite CD., Sally ___ her wedding gown to her daughter., Did I really ___ your shades? I can%27t find them!, I%27m broke. Could I ___ 50 bucks?, I don%27t have anything to wear! can I ___ a dress?, Who can you ___ money from?, I needed to ___ a jacket because I was too cold. , What would you never ___ from anyone?, The teacher didn%27t let me ___ an eraser to do the test., No, I won%27t buy the second season, I%27ll ___ it.,