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Imperialism 1 - - - pages 542 to 547

Open the exciting textbook and read the fascinating story of imperialism from pages 542 through 547. Please skip the section on %22Mahan%22 at this point. Please complete this activity until earning at least 90%25.

1. When Americans considered the impact of Frederick Jackson ____#____%27s frontier thesis, they became fearful that the nation%27s resources would be quickly exhausted.
1898, , ,
2. Both leaders with urban concerns and those with an agrarian orientation such as the P____#_______s, saw more markets as a way in which to deal with an excessive amount of industrial and agricultural products. ******Consider a connection between this chapter and the last unit on the Gilded Age. What was the name of the group which represented the interests of farmers?******
Philippines, PHILIPPINES, philippines, , ,
3. As the United States emerged as an imperial nation in the late nineteenth century, ___#___ was considered to be the most powerful nation of the period.
turner, turner%27s, Turner, Turner%27s, , ,
4. Some Christian leaders such as Josiah __#__ felt that imperialist adventures by Americans would receive divine support.
opulist, OPULIST, populists, POPULISTS, , ,
5. Within a 1900 political cartoon, President William ___#____ was depicted as a tailor creating a large set of clothing for the expanding Uncle Sam.
Strong, strong, STRONG, , ,
6. %22The White Man%27s Burden%22 by Rudyard __#__ justified imperialistic expansion.
Kipling, kipling, KIPLING, , create online tests ,
7. Within the year _#__, the United States engaged in a conflict known as the Spanish-American War.
GreatBritain, Greatbritain, greatbritain, Great Britain, Great britain, great Britain, england, England, britain, Britain, , educational activities ,