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(ITF) Lesson 11: Customizing System Settings

1. The date and time on a computer is determined by the internal clock of the computer, that is controlled by a battery.
TRUE, FALSE, print quizzes ,
2. If fonts are included with a software program, they will install at the same time as the program.
3. Some commonly used features in the Control Panel include changing the display, setting the time, or setting the volume or sounds.
You do not have access rights to these commands, You%27ve selected the wrong command, Windows has restricted you based on what you used last, All of the above,
4. You can print to the default printer or you can select a different printer if you have access to multiple printers.
5. Reasons why you might want to change the options for the mouse include:
TRUE, FALSE online , ,
6. How can you access the Control Panel?
You have a new mouse with customizable buttons, You need to change or update the mouse driver file, You want to decrease the speed of the double click action, Any of the previous,
7. If you cannot access certain commands in Control Panel, what is the most likely cause?
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8. The two views you can use for Control Panel are Control Panel Home or Classic View.
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9. Activate a screen saver on your system when you don%27t want others to see the files you may be working on when away from the computer.