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(ITF) Lesson 10: Managing Disks

1. You can run a defrag command on which of the following?
File Allocation Table, Folder Allocation Table, File Access Table, File Access Technology,
2. What does FAT stand for?
TRUE, FALSE, learning ,
3. Which command is the Error Checking command similar to:
Disk Defragmenter, Disk Clean up, ScanDisk, None of the above,
4. The Error Checking command should be used when you start to experience problems on your system and want to see if there are any problems with the hardware.
Anywhere on the disk, In allocation units or clusters, In set folders or drives, All of the above,
5. Running a defrag is the most common technique used to help reduce any problens with accessing information or to speed up access time opening or saving files.
Flash disk, Local hard disk, Network disk, Only a or b,
6. Cleaning up a disk refers to deleting any temporary or unnecessary files created when a program was installed or uninstalled, web site paths, or temporary files created when a program stopped responding.
TRUE, FALSE online quizzes , ,
7. How are files stored on a disk?