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(ITF) Lesson 8: Using Windows Explorer

1. Windows Explorer displays files, folders, or drives in a hierarchical structure where you can see multiple files, folders, or drives.
TRUE, FALSE, language ,
2. The folders pane can display both the folders and files contaned in a specific drive.
3. When looking at the properties for a folder, the number of tabs that appear depends on whether you are on a network and able to chare this folder with others.
4. How can you activate the Search feature?
5. Which method could you use to rename a file or folder using the double-click method?
Select the file or folder name and then press F2, Click the file or folder namd to select it and then click in the name build your own quiz , Right-click the file or folder name and then click on Rename, Any of the previous,
6. To select non-consecutive files, which key would you use to help you select the files?
7. To select consecutive files, which key would you use to help you select the files?
When the file was last modified or accessed, Who authored it, The size of the file, Any of the previous,
8. When looking for a file, you must know exactly when it was created or how it was named before you can enter it as search criteria.
From the Start Menu, Click in the Search field in the Computer or Windows Explorer window, From the organize menu, Any of the previous,
9. What kind of information can the Details tab for a file show?