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(ITF) Lesson 7: Looking at Files and Folders

1. A file can be any type of document created.
It tells you which drawer the file or folder is stored, If tells you whjether the file or folder is stored on a network, It tells you the name of which folder and how many levels to go through, Any of the previous,
2. How can showing the path for a folder or file be helpful?
3. If Windows displays an error message that it cannot open a file and asks you to select a program, what does this mean?
4. The primary purpose for using the Computer feature is to view or access the contents of different storage devices.
5. Which view shows the files and folders with the date of creation or last modified?
The Start menu, The Control Panel, An icon on the desktop computer assisted language learning , Either a or c,
6. Which key could you use to rename a folder?
Click Organize and then New Folder, Right-click and then click on New, Folder, Right-click in the Contents Pane and then ciick New, Folder, Any of the previous,
7. You can only create up to 20 folders within one folder
F1, F2 ESL , F3, F5,
8. You can open the Computer feature from:
Thumbnails, List activity , Details, Tiles,
9. How can you create a folder?
You do not have a program that can recognize the file type, The file is not associated with a folder, The file does not exist, There is a problem with Windows,