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(ITF) Lesson 6: Running Applications Programs

1. When could you use the RUN command?
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2. How could you switch from one program to another?
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3. How can you tell which wndow is currently active?
When you want to start a program that hasn%27t been installed on your system, You wnat to go to the DOS prompt, You want to install a program that does not set up automatically whe you put in the CD, Any of the previous,
4. Organizing the windows refers to determining which verion of Windows is installed on your system.
5. Once an application program has been started, you can use it as required but you must always closeit properly when you no longer need that program.
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6. In order to use the RUN command, you must have a solid command and understanding of how DOS works.
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7. Multitasking is the process where Windows allows you to work on multiple programs or documents at the same time.
Press CTRL %2b TAB, Click on the appropriate program button in the taskbar, Click on the shortcut for that program on the desktop, Either a or b,
8. The RUN command can be found in the All Programs menu
9. Depending on how an application program may have been installed, an alternate method to starting the program is using the taskbar notification area.
It appears in the taskbar, The title bar shows in a brighter color, It is the one that appears at the top left, Either a or b,