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(ITF) Lesson 3: Working with Windows

1. To move the window, how could you do it?
2. How can you activate the Task Manager?
3. Scroll bars appear whenever the window is too small to show all the contents.
4. Using the Log Off command allows another user to have access to the same files and programs on the system.
5. You can only move a window using the mouse.
6. Hibernate mode means your system will:
7. You can use the End Task button in the Task Manager to end a program that isn%27t responding.
Power down or turn off after a specified interval of time, Shut down completely and restart automatically when you next start the computer, Save the current state of the desktop to the hard drive and power down currently, and then reinstate where you were prior to going into this mode when started again, Log your user ID off this system so you can switch to another user,
8. You are limited to only displaying one window at a time.
9. Logging off a computer is the same thing as shutting down the computer.
Press CTRL %2b ALT %2b DELETE, then select Task Manager, Right-click on the takbar and then click Task Manager, Select Restart from the All Programs menu, Either a or b,
10. If you wanted to make the window smaller than the full screen, which button would you use?
11. When you move the scroll box to a specific area in the scroll bar of an application program, it may show you the page number you will move to when you release the mouse.
Minimize, Restore Down, Close, Maximize,
12. If you wanted to go to a specific area of the window, how would you do it?
Click and drag the ontrol icon to move to the new location, Cick and drag the title bar to the new location, Click anywhere in the window to move to the new location, Click on thre Restore Down button,
13. All windows can be resized, regardless of the size of the window.
14. You can shut down the computer simply by pressing the power button to turn it off.
Click on the corresponding arrow on either side of the scroll bar, Click in a blank area of the scroll bar, Drag the scroll box to a specific area of the scroll bar, Any of the previous,