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(ITF) Lesson 2: Looking at the Desktop

1. You can use the mouse of keyboard to navigate around in Windows
2. Which mouse option would you use to select an icon on the desktop?
3. In order to see the programs installed on your system, which option from the Start button would you use?
Click with the left mouse button, Click with the right mouse button english , Double-click with the left mouse button active teaching , Double-click with the right mouse button,
4. What does the triangle following a command in a menu mean?
5. The desktop area contains a number of icons to represent different functions or programs you can use.
A shortcut menu will display, There is a submenu, This will start the program, This opens a dialog box,
6. Which is the single most commonly used feature in Windows?
Position the mouse cursor at the top of the taskbar and then drag to the new location, Position the mouse cursor overtop of the Taskbar handle and then drag to a new location, Right-click the Taskbar and then choose a location from the shortcut menu displayed, Either a or b,
7. A task bar appears across the bottom of the screen and will display buttons for each open application.
Desktop, Taskbar, Start Button, Computer,
8. How could you move the taskbar to a different location?
Documents, All programs, Search, Computer,