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(ITF): Lesson 11: Using the Computer

1. What does a cold boot refer to?
2. Starting an application program means Windows is taking a copy of the application program and putting it into RAM for further processing.
3. Which keys would you use to activate a warm boot?
Ctrl %2b Delete, Alt %2b Delete, Ctrl %2b Alt %2b Delete %2b Delete, Ctrl %2b Alt %2b Delete,
4. You can always turn of your computer by pressing its power button, regardless of what you were doing on the computer before.
Turning the machine on for the first time on that day, Turning the machine on for the first time since you got the computer, Turning the machine off and an after it has crashed and the other options don%27t work, None of the above,
5. Booting the computer refers to the process of starting the computer and the operating system.
6. Using the RESET button essentially is similar to performing a warm boot except that it also performs a diagnostic check of the computer hardware.