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Computer components

Answer each question as quickly as possible because you%27ll have ONLY TEN SECONDS. Let%27s get to the top!

1. I don%27t want to lose all my files, so I need...
a monitor, speakers, an external hard drive, a scanner
2. I need something portable and lightweight to listen to music. What should I buy?
speakers, earphones, a CPU, headphones
3. I want to waste my money on something useless. What should I buy?
a laptop, an external hard drive, a tablet, a mouse
4. I have a Youtube channel and I want to improve the sound quality of my videos.
Buy a tablet, Delete you account, I have a printer, would you like to use it?, Get a decent microphone!
5. I need something portable to store a few documents. What should I get?
an external hard disk, a big tablet, a USB flash drive, a CD drive
6. I have to write down a long book, what do you recommend?
Buy a mouse, Buy a tablet, they%27re useful!, You need a Blu-ray drive, Get a good keyboard.
7. I have to email some old documents from the 60%27s
Use a scanner, Use your smartphone, Get a printer, Buy the latest tablet
8. What is a USB port?
I think it%27s like a tablet., It%27s a new video game., It%27s where you connect your USB flash drives., It%27s where the DVD drive is connected.
9. My computer won%27t turn on, what should I check?
Just use your tablet., the CPU., the DVD drive., Have a look at your keyboard.