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PET Transformations 1

Complete the second phrase so that it means the same as the first one. Use 1-3 words.

1. A visit to the dressing room is included in the tour. The tour # a visit to the dressing room.
drives her, , ,
2. Nick was given a ticket to a baseball game by his friend Akio. Nick’s friend Akio # him a ticket to a baseball game.
includes, , ,
3. Last year wasn’t as cold as this year. This year is # last year was.
was given, , ,
4. I found it more difficult to learn than I had expected. It wasn’t # to learn as I had expected.
first time, , ,
5. She is often driven to the supermarket by her neighbour. Her neighbour often # to the supermarket.
well as, , ,
6. In the game the Dolphins team played better than the Giants. In the game the Giants team didn’t play as # the Dolphins.
cheaper,less expensive, online activities , ,
7. Nick had never been to a baseball game before. It was the # Nick had been to a baseball game.
bigger than, , ,
8. Entrance at weekends is more expensive than on weekdays. Entrance on weekdays is # than at weekends.
colder than, , ,
9. The hospital gave me some information about a local gym. I # some information about a local gym.
as difficult,so difficult, , ,