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Gamification Crossword Puzzle

Hello and Welcome to this activity. Please click the continue button when you are ready to take the crossword puzzle. Carefully, read each clue land type your answer. Click the boxes to enter the desired letter. Once you are done click the finish button. Remember - You have 10 minutes to solve 10 cues. You will see the time at the top left of the page. Good luck!!

Crossword hints:
_______ is application of gaming mechanics to a non-gaming environments., Gaining more points than a rival team or the desire to become best in the community, 70%25 of business transformation efforts fail due to lack of ______. It can be boosted in a class or work place., Real world example of gamification: Drivers obeying the speed limit automatically entered a ______ in order to win a money, A ________ game is different from gamification, Learners should have ________ while interacting in a gamified lesson, ______ is lost when you continue to lose in a competition and no longer want to play or learn. , A way to keep track of points, A type of reward for learners who have completed a specific task, The _____ of the game must be cautiously defined according to the objective defined for the gamification experience,

Crossword words: