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EBA Business Purpose Types and Functions

Please match the correct terms. Review the flashcards as needed.

Partnership, Management, Consumer, Multinational Corporation, Information Technology, Wants, Corporation, Accounting, Operations, Sole Proprietorship, Profit, Ptrofit Motive, Human Resources, Goods, Servicesstimulate your students , Competition, Non-Profit Organization, Marketing, Franchise, Needs,

Process of creating and promoting products to consumers computer assisted language learning , Activities in the day-to-day running of a business called the %22back office%22, Company that does business with locations in many countries like Coca Cola, Process of rexording and reporting financial data for a business results , Process of leading and directing all or part of an organization, Companies that provide service rather than make a profit. Ex: United Way, Tangible items businesses sell such as ipods or CD%27s., Items necessary for basic human existence, such as clothing, food and shelter, Money that remains after a business has paid for operating expenses, Items that would be nice to have, but are not necessary for basic survival, Activities that deal with the hiring, firing, training of employees educational games , Business separate from owners by law. Owners are the stockholders, Contract between a parent company to use the name to sell goods/services class page , Business owned by only one person ESL , Tasks that businesses perform or provide for customers, Includes support and maintenance of computer software and hardware, Contest between businesses to win customers%27 business and loyalty, Business owned by two or more people, Individuals who uses and/or purchases goods and services, A person%27s desire to make moneyas an incentive to gain for themselves,