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EBA Purpose of Business

Select the correct answer choice for each questions.

1. Contest between businesses to win customers%27 business and loyalty
competiton, profit motiove, profit, services,
2. A person%27s incentive to work to gain something for himself or herself (that is to make money)
competition, services, profit motive, needs,
3. Items businesses sell that can be physically weighed or measured, such as iPods and CDs
needs, profit, wants, services,
4. Money that remains after a business has paid for the expenses of running the business
services, needs, profit, competition,
5. Tasks that businesses perform or provide for customers, such as hair cuts and car washes
consumer, competiton, needs, wants,
6. A person who uses goods or services. Many times the consumer is also the customer (purchaser)
wants, needs, services online quizzes , goods,
7. Items necessary for human existence, such as clothing, food and shelter
wants, needs, services educational activities , goods,