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Richter Scale create online quizzes , earthquake class web page , focus, transform boundary, modified mercalli scale, seismic waves, liquefaction, seismologist, tsunami, epicenter, Primary wave (p-wave), seismograph, Secondary Waves (s-waves), magnitude results history , fault, surface wave,

scale that measures teh damage done by an earthquake, instrument that records earthquake waves, a type of boundary that creates earthquakes, moves rock in all kinds of ways; slowest but most damaging kind of wave, ocean wave that begins over earthquake epicenter in ocean, scale used by scientists to describe E-quake%27s magnitude 0 to 9, wave that moves the fastest in an earthquake; moves rock back and forth, when wet soil acts like a liquid during an earthquake, point on the surface of the earth that the earthquake started from, wave that is the 2nd fastest and moves up and down at right angle, point inside the earth where an earthquake starts, vibrations that happen when rocks break along a fault, name for all waves created by an earthquake, the surface along which rocks moves when they pass their limit and crack, measure of energy released during an earthquake, name for a scientist that studies earthquakes,