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How do the parts fit?

1. The valve assembly # into the left hand side of the pump.
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2. The pupm sits on the top of the mount. There are two holes in the left hand side of the mount. Two bolts # through the holes and fasten the pump to the mount.
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3. Two connectors # into two holes on the front of the valve assembly. They are attached to two long tubes.
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4. It is # to the waste tank by a hose. A circular clamp fits round the hose and holds it securely.
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5. The spring relief valve # out of the bottom of the valve assembly.
bottom, , ,
6. The top tube # to the elbow joint and the vacuum gauge.
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7. Two clamps # round the hose and hold it securely.
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8. A large outlet nipple screws into the right hand side of the pump. It%27s # to vacuum silencer by a hose.
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