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What%27s the English for %27...%27

J%27aimerais educational games , des vies, Ca fait mal, âme, pensées, carnage, une luge, mon pote, plus rien, rester, C%27était nul, choisir, sculpté, Je perds la tête, C%27était super, Je passerais plus de temps, la jeunesse, Si je devais online quizzes , mal se passer, turn up, Si j%27avais, laisse moi tranquille, coupable, va t-en, Si je venais improve results , se cacher, les nouvelles, reste près de moi matching excercise , la foule, Si je pouvais,

youth, I%27d like, If I could, I%27d spend more time, thoughts dynamic quiz , If I came, blood-shed, If I had, a sled/sleigh online quizzes , soul, hide educational games , it hurts, carved, pick, go wrong, the crowd computer assisted language learning , monter (le son) interactive learning , It was awesome, nothing left, It was awful, stay/remain activity , stay by my side, lives, Get lost, leave me alone, I%27m losing my mind, If I had to, guilty, my dawg online activities , the news,