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Write the correct word

1. Ellen thought the show was _______________. She recommends it to everyone.
exciting, daft, dull, smashing,
2. This cake is _________________ May I have the recipe?
performance, lecture, exhibition, cinema,
3. It was ______________ to leave a plastic bag in the oven.
worth it, an eye-opener, dreadful, outstanding,
4. The firefighters ______________ to rescue everyone in the house.
awesome, offensive distant learning , interesting, good for a laugh,
5. Thanks for coming to the show. I hope you enjoyed the ____________
once a month, now and then, often, daily,
6. I ______________smoking a year ago.
special, first-rate, daft, boring,
7. After the concert, the _________ stood up and applauded.
left, turned off, gave up, forgot,
8. You don’t have to attend a ___________ to enjoy the benefits of music
awesome, beautiful, delicious, outstanding,
9. The play was __________ The critics advised people not to go
managed, finally, found, saw,
10. I found the film ____________. I didn%27t like it at all.
view, sight, time, performance,
11. My doctor told me to exercise _________________.
brave, daft, funny, right,