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The nervous system game 1

Dear students, This activity has been made for you to practice some of what you have learnt on the nervous system. You may click on familiarize to practice with the flash cards or click on solve to do the quiz. You can choose to play dominoes, find paris or link up. I hope you enjoy it. Thank you! Olatunde Idris Oparemi

Somatic Nervous System, Nuerotransmitters, Reflex Arc online activities , Sympathetic Nervous System, Affarent Nueron or Sensory Nueron online , Internuerons, Effectors, Nuerons, Efferent or Motor Nueron, Dendrites , Functions of the Central Nervous system, Components of the Peripheral nervous system, Components of the central Nervous System, Two divisions of the Peripheral nervous sytem, Receptors, Autonomic Nervous System, Synapses, Schwanns cellsstimulate your students , Parasympathetic Nervous System, Myelin shealh,

Chemicals produced from the synaptic knop of a nueron %26 help to send impulses across the synapse , The somatic nervous sytem and the autonomic nervous sytem print quizzes , ANS that relaxes the body %26 inhibits or slows high energy functions. , Interpretive nuerons found between the sensory %26 the motor nuerons in the CNS prepare quiz , Part of the PNS responsible for the control of skeletal %26voluntary movement, Part of the PNS responsible for controlling involuntary actions such as breathing,digestion etc. , The pathway which leads from a stimulus to a reflex action, The functional units of the nervous system, Cells that produce the myelin sheath, receive stimuli from the environment %26 relay it to the CNS for processing, Receives impulse from all over the body, process it and respond with actions, ANS that controls stressful situation %26 prepares the body for intense activities , The brain and the spinal cord, carries information from the environment or inside the body to the CNS create online quizzes , carries impulses away from the CNS to allow for movement %26 action, A fatty sheath that insulates the axon, Spaces between one nueron and another, Cytoplasmic extentions of the a nueron that receives the impulse, muscles or glands that respond to the impulse sent from the CNS, Peripheral nerves,