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Spelling Words Week 1

Here is some sentences that are missing some words. Use your spelling words for this week to fill in the blanks and match them together.

yell, desk, chair , fly, fell, tell, look, game , swim , door , sell, spell, room , towel, bell, shell,

My ____ is cozy., We should always _____ before crossing the road. online learning games , Did you hear the ____ ring?, Please shut the ____ when you leave., Please don%27t ____ at the dog., I tried to ___ my ring for $10. , I have a ____ where I do my homework., I sit in my ____ at the table. grading , Let me ____ you a story., I can ___ anything., We played a card _____ after supper., Today we watched the airplanes ___ over above us., I found a pretty ____ at the beach., Our beach _____ is purple and blue., Today I ____ down at the playground. elearning , We are going to ____ in the water for hours.,