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meaning of the %22Islam%22, Muslim, Islam, Allah, Africa, Asia, and Europe, oasis, Mecca, pilgrimage, caravan, Medina create online tests , nomad, Why Arabians didn%27t like Muhammad, Muhammad online , sedentary, Qu%27ran, mosque,

a building for Muslim prayer, a group of traders that travel together, Arabia was the trading crossroad for these continents, a person who traveled - they raised animals such as sheep, people were settled at an oases and farmed, to submit to God, the city where Muhammad moved to help students assimilate material , the holy book of Islam educational activities , they worshipped many gods, didn%27t want to share with the poor, what Muslims call God teacher , a wet fertile area in the desert, religion based Muhammad%27s messages from God, the center of worship for Arabians, journey to a sacred place, founder of Islam - he was a prophet, a person who believes in the religion of Islam,