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Graphical user interface matching excercise , System maintenance distant learning , Antivirus, Automatic updating, Multitasking, Defragmentation utlity web tool , Diagnosis, System cleanup educational games , Kernal, Firewall software, Formatting utlity, Device driver, Command line interface, Spyware protection, File transfer utility, Software ,

Checks the system for potential problems, Clears reduant files and updates registry entries, Prepares a disk to receive data, Allows multiple programs to run at the same time , Allows OS to communicate with specific hardware device, The programs run on computers, Heart of the OS, makes the hardware do things, Allows for copying for files from one place to another, Uses icons to represent resources, files and components , removes programs that record paswords etc, Checks online for system updates and installs them , Monitors traffic entering and leaving the computer, Finds and removes unused files such as Internet cache, detects and removes viruses, Requires users to type commands , reorganises files that have been split in secondary storage,