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Match the vocabulary words with the best definition

Vacuole, Genes, Mitochondria, DNA, Cytoplasm active teaching , Cell Wall, cell, Ribosome, Respiration, Nucleolus, Nucleus, Cell membrane, Golgi Body, Endoplasmic reticulum, Photosynthesisstimulate your students , Chloroplast,

Organelle that Contains the DNA of the organism, Rigid structure that gives plant cells their shape, Performs Photosynthesis, Holds water, bigger in the plant cell, allows cell to use sugar for energy, Makes proteins, The DNA of a organism, The fluid inside the cell active teaching , Flexible outer layer of the cell, Involved in making proteins and putting them together, using oxygen and sugar to make ennrgy the cell can use, Using CO2 and Sunlight to make sugars, Puts together proteins and packages them, The center of the nucleus, the building blocks of all living things, Contains the information for each living organism quiz builder ,