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tea and coffee

1. what is the first process of making Coffee
Roasting, Fruit Harvesting, Grinding, Blending
2. Which type of coffee has less caffeine init?
Arabica, Robusta, Americano, Black coffee
3. If someone asks for a strong coffee what do you give them?
Espresso, Doppio, Cappuccino, Latte
4. What equipment do we use to serve a coffee?
Biscuit, Coffee cup, Milk, Chocolate Sprinkles
5. Using a pour and save
check if the filter paper is in correctly., check if the correct equipment is being used., check if you are using the right coffee., check if water is fresh.
6. If somone wants a hot beverage which is decaff, what do you give them?
Espresso, Green tea, Black coffee, Tea
7. What happens if Coffee isn%27t stored properly?
Breaks down, Rats eat it, Loses flavour, Freezes
8. help students assimilate material were does tea come from?
india, africa, brazil, britan
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JBDHJADBD, ahjgsgahdgaYD, JKHAdg, Hagh
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khgasgsg, jadjda, jsabjdsa, jksdkg
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