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Brothers Quiz test

1. i%27m so cool that I once got over 2,000 jumps in a row on a pogo stick (yeah really)
Jeff, Ben, Keith, Robel
2. I have read the entire Harry Potter series 8 times, cause i%27m a wizard
Sam, Jackson, Collin, Jeff
3. Because im a fun person, I like games and I%27m incredibly competitive (watch out)!
Sam learning , Eric , Marc, Keith
4. educational games well...I can%27t read in my native language (but I bet you can%27t speak it!)
Marc, Brian , Keith, Jackson
5. i performed at Carnegie Hall in high school (it was a one man play...jk) :)
Robel, Jackson, Devin, Jeff
6. i%27m adorable and still call my parents mommy and daddy *awwwwhhhhh*
Drake, Logan, Christian, Brain
7. i%27m efficient and broke both my arms at the same time to get it over with! #whoops
Jeff, Ben, Drake, Eric
8. #UP NORTH My family has a sick cabin up North
Eric , Jackson, Logan, Collin
9. %22four score and seven years ago...%22 I%27m good at memorizing historical speeches!
Marc active teaching , Robel, Brian, Keith
10. When i%27m passionate or inspired about anything there is nothing that can stop me (just call it my super power)
Drake, Collin , Devin, Logan
11. I love deep quality time with people....cause im a deep and quality kinda guy.
Drake, Marc, Logan, Eric
12. I have a black belt (SAY WHAT?!) #fearme
Collin , Robel, Keith, Jeff
13. improve results At the age of 9, I was basically a doctor and saw my sister%27s birth/ helped cut the umbilical cord.
Devin, Marc, Ben, Brian
14. I am an awesome man of God and I am deeply loved and appreciated by all my sisters!!