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Unit 5 Vocab

internment, boycott, Aryan race ESL , totalitarianism, dictator, Holocaust, infamy, Communism interactive learning , appeasement, Fascism, democracy, concentration camp, Nazistimulate your students , Socialism, anti-semitic, kamikaze,

to buy off an aggressor by compromising principles quiz generator , genocide of European Jews by Nazis in WWII active teaching , a member of the National Socialist German Workers Party, to stop using, buying, or dealing with someone to express protest, hostility toward or discrimination against Jews, Gov%27t with a dictator, suppression of the opposition through terror, act of confining someone by force, famous for being evil, a single party controls the gov%27t and all aspects of people%27s lives class web page , type of economic system where the gov%27t owns all parts of the economy, type of gov%27t where people hold the power to rule, type of gov%27t where one person holds all the power, supposed master race of non-Jewish caucasians, type of economic system where the gov%27t controls goods and services quiz generator , place where prisoners are confined under harsh conditions, pilot trained to make suicidal crash attack on a ship,