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Vocabulary (The Storm/Moccasins/The mission)

lash, eerie, intrigue, authority, consider, foolish, disheartened, gushing crossword maker , accurate, abandon, improvising, plummeted, analyse, Invention, solution, towering,

tall or high above, to inspect closley to find meaning, exact or precise, to leave behind , to slap or smack something hard and quick, to show leadership or to be in charge, to fall down quickly active teaching , thinking about options or ideas, a creation, idea or design,made to solve a problem e-learning , when someone acts without thought in a thoughtless man, when something flows out quickly learning , something very interesting or curious quiz generator , a strange or unsettling feeling or place, a way to fix a problem grading , feeling hopeless or sad about an event, to make up an action on the spot or at the last minute,