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Computer Concepts Basics

The original name for the internet was_, A_serves as a publicly accessible journal or log, A_generally can fit into the palm of your hand. build your own quiz , _is data that has been organized and processed, to _a file means to transfer it from the Web servevr to your computer, A_Consists of hardware, software, data, and users., The _identifies the IP address, A_is the fastest type of computer., The computer on the network that manages the network resourc distant learning , The first graphical browser was named_, Computer equipment that can be seen or touched is called, A_is a computer on a network that is not acting as a server, A_is a group of two or more linked computers., _is a computer language that determines how web pages are ft , A_displays a record of all the sites you have visited recently, The world%27s largest network is_, A website address also is referred to as a_, A_is a small image that represents a file, command, or ano ,

Server, history list, blog, the Internet, Mobile device, output information, Super Computer, Icon, Arpanet, URL, download, nodes or client, Mosaic, HTML, network, domain name, Computer system, Hardware results history ,