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March Madness College Basketball Vocabulary

Academic GPA, Activities, Medium Schools, On-Campus Housing, Tuition, Acceptance Rate, Standardized Tests, Commuter, Mascot, Character, Application Essay, Small Schools, Rigor of coursework, Large Schools, Teacher to Faculty Ratio, Major crossword maker ,

When you choose to live AT college, less than 6,000 students, 6,000-15,000 students, How challenging were your classes in high school?, What subject area you want to focus on in college (i.e. Education), How many people are accepted by each University, More than 15,000 students, Your grades from high school, Showing responsible behavior to teachers and other adults improve results , The money you pay each year for classes, School%27s team name, How many students are there for each 1 teacher?, How you score on important tests in high school, Things that the students can do for fun in their free time, Written portion of your college application build your own quiz , When you choose to drive to classes at college,