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Possessive adjectives

Egészítsd ki a mondatokat a helyes személyes névmással. (my, your, her, stb.)

1. Husband and wife: She is # daughter. She is very clever.
our, , matching excercise ,
2. I want to go to Emma and Nick. Do you know # address?
my, , ,
3. Helen has beautiful clothes. This is # coat.
their, , class page ,
4. A: I%27m Nicole. What is # name? B: Nice to meet you. My name is Chris.
her, , ,
5. A: Is this # dog? B: Yes, this my dog. C: She is beautiful.
your, , ,
6. A: Look at that good-looking boy. B: I know him. # name is Richard.
his, , ,
7. A: Where is # bag? B: I see it. Your bag is on the chair.
their, , class page ,