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1. You have to purchase the subscription to use Kubbu.
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2. # building your own quiz with fill in the blanks, true/false, multiple choice, drop down bar, or short answer questions; pictures and sound files can be added to make your quiz more interactive
3. # classifying terms, definitions, and concepts
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4. # crossword puzzle generator, just need the terms and hints
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5. Makes learning #.
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6. Teachers can # activites with other teachers.
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7. Teachers can also put students into # for collaboration on activities and assignments, or into learning levels/groups.
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8. An online tool for educators to build online #, #, and # that are accessible #.
9. # a type of a dynamic quiz that contains different types of activities, classic single and multiple choice questions with four answers
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10. There is a built in email part of Kubbu.
TRUE, FALSE, web page,
11. # similar to the traditional matching game
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