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Context Clues, February 27

1. Read the following sentences 2. Determine the meaning of the capitalized word.

1. When the other moms heard about how Charlene had won the baking contest, her email box was flooded with INQUIRIES for her award-winning muffin recipe.
Questions educational games , Complaints quiz generator , Compliments, Suggestions
2. Grandpa didn’t know that Suzie was coming along on the fishing trip, and now he had to ALTER his plans.
Complete, Cancel, Consider, Change
3. Unlike Bob, who treated others rudely and kept to himself, Bobby was JOVIAL, friendly, and outgoing
Rude, Cheerful, Nice, Soft-spoken
4. class page With the field torn up by the players’ cleats, and the cold rain falling in waves, conditions on the playing field were DISMAL
Bad, Tremendous, Pitiful, Great