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March Spelling List One JD/EW

We need to take a short break after the test.mp3, , ,
2. Have you seen the # of kids in the hallway?
grupe, groop, group online , gruop,
3. Did you # under the bed for your skateboard?
Have you seen the group of kids in the hallway.mp3, , ,
stowp, stop, sthop, stope,
5. She has such a nice #.
I asked him to stop running.mp3, , ,
6. I asked him to # running.
whag, wag, wagg, wayg,
7. We we%27re wondering if you could # the leaves for us.
That dog can sure wag its tail.mp3, , short answer questions ,
8. We will # up at 9am.
smile, samile, smhile, samile,
9. That dog can sure # it%27s tail!
She has a nice smile.mp3, , ,
swimm, swim, sawim, sawhim,
I cant wait to swim this summer.mp3, , ,
rake, raycke assess performance , raike distance learning , raick,
We were wondering if you could rake the leaves for us.mp3, , ,
14. I don%27t remember anything that I #.
waik, waicke, wake, whake,
We will wake up at 9 am.mp3, , ,
16. We need to take a # break after the test.
luke, looke, look, louk,
Did you look under the bed for your skateboard.mp3, , learning ,
dreem, dream, drehm, dreim,