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Match the accounting term to the correct defintion.

Book value, Profit margin, General ledger, Plant asset, Debt ratio, Current ratio, Trial balance, Chart of Accounts, Prepaid expenses, Credit, General journal, Source document, Debit, Unearned revenue, Long-term liability create online tests , Accounting cycle,

Source of information for accounting entries, List of accounts and their balances at a point in time, Liability created when customer pays in advance, Used to record debits and credits from transactions, Record containing all accounts for a business, Recorded on the right abbreviated Cr., Current assets divided by current liabilites, Asset%27s cost less it%27s accumulated depreciation, Obligation not due to be paid within one year , Reoccuring steps repeated each accounting period, Items paid for in advance of receiving their benefits, Tangible, long-term asset used to produce or sell , Ratio of total liabilities to total assets used to measure risk, List of accounts used by a company, Recorded on the left abbreviated Dr. ESL , Ratio of a company%27s net income to it%27s net sales,