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The Southeast

Missouri Compromise, Civil War , Africa, Arkansas, Economy of the South, France, Economy of the North, Abraham Lincoln, Union, Secede, hunting, fishing, making weapons language , Henry Clay, gathering food, growing crops, weaving baskets, Confederacy web 2.0 , abolish, North South, England, slavery, Cumberland Gap web tool , Robert E. Lee, plantation, Appalachian Region, Charleston, S.C., Ulysses S. Grant interactive ,

Most slaves came from here, makign one person the property of another, where fighting started the Civil War, country that claimed Jamestown, jobs of Native American men, jobs of Native American women, a large farm generate answer keys , based on agriculture, slaves did the work, to leave, two main economic Regions during the Civil War, Native Americans were forced here, elected President in 1860, the country that claimed New Orleans, developed their own culture because it was difficult to transport goods, to end, United States of America, based in manufacturing, slavery was outlawed, the passage way that people took through the Appalachain Mountains, a war between groups of people in the same country, Leader of othe Union Army, allowed Missouri to enter as a slave state, and Maine as a free state results history , leader of the Confederate Army, Confederate States of America quiz , found a solution to the Missouri statehood problem,